Will my glass look exactly like the picture on the website?

Please bear in mind that with handcrafted glass, each piece is unique and slight variations in design and colour are to be expected, but we will endeavour to create as close a match to the images of our shop products as possible

Can I commission a bespoke design or choose my own colours to an existing design?

Absolutely, we are happy to produce variations to our range by changing design and colours to suit your needs. Please contact us on 07950 035413 to discuss your requirements and we can provide you with an individual quote

Why can't I buy your larger work online?

Our larger wall panels, sculptures and lit features are usually commissioned; designed specifically for a space as a bespoke solution. If you are interested in more large-scale art work please give us a call and we can talk over options with regards to design concepts and colours and be able to provide you with an estimate

Can we ship overseas?

Yes we can, but please contact us for shipping costs and place your order over the telephone rather than via our website